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  • Chuck Leake
    Feb 26, 2001

      Hello People,


      I wish to apologize to everyone for the extra invitations sent out on behalf of CRLocal.  The problem lies with ME.  That is, me and my inability to deal effectively (or any other way), with Yahoo.  I submitted batches of fifty from both CostaRicaLiving and FutureTicos.  Yahoo immediately stopped me and asked what I was trying to do and why and to send them all the names I was working with and I told them and sent them the total Lists.  Nothing happened for more than a day and I again started sending out batches with my e-dress as the 50th one in each batch ---- in this way I was sure that the invitations were going out.  When I had completed all but about 35 people I received a message from Yahoo tonight that my request had been granted and they had just sent out invitations to the entire double List.


      So forgive me.  I am really trying to learn how to work with them but I guess I’m just a slow learner.


      Sea feliz,


      --- chuck   

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