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35653Re: will US phone work?--Cell phone compabability....

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  • olamoree
    Oct 1, 2005
      Yes, partially true. As for TDMA, the US frequencies are the same as
      CR and if the phone is "dual mode" meaning analog and digital, you
      will get full coverage in CR once you have a line and this service
      does NOT use a SIM card, the phone itself is "programmed" by ICE.
      There are only 50 analog customers left in CR! the rest are digital.
      ICE is supposed to start selling TDMA lines next week!

      As to GSM phones, CR uses the European frequencies, 900 and 1800,
      (whereas the US uses 1900)....NOT COMPATIBLE! However, more and more,
      GSM phones sold in the US are "multi-mode", to say that they will work
      on 900 or 950, 1800 and 1900, not to be confused with "tri-mode" which
      is CDMA, 3rd generation cell service and NOT used in CR....yet.
      Rayburn "accidently" maybe, brought multi-mode phones and thus only
      needed to change the SIM card from the US one to the CR one (provided
      you have a line!) to have the "multi-mode" phone work here in CR.
      Wow, talk about luck! ICE is supposed to start selling additional GSM
      lines the last week of November....

      So, if you are bringing a phone from the US, make sure it is a dual
      mode TDMA that ICE can program for you, OR, a GSM "multi-mode" phone
      that is capable of 900 or 950 and 1800 and 1900 if you expect to use
      it here in CR as well as in the US. You can check with 193 here or
      the ICE website for compatible phones. Hope this helps.

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