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31549Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Re: Driving Motor Home from Pennsylvania to Costa Rica

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  • Fred Morgan
    Jun 2, 2005
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      Being a pioneer type - with the arrows to prove it - I would be the last
      person in the world to tell people they shouldn't do it. However, those
      who do not consider what might happen end up like the Donner Party...

      I see them gathering up information on what it would be like - good
      idea. Then they can either do it or not, based on their own comfort
      level. If they are discouraged by what has been said - then they should
      not do it because they are not ready for the potential problems.

      And, I have been involved in some pretty interesting things in my time.
      Also I rock climb, mountain bike, ride horses, own businesses, etc. Not
      exactly risk adverse.

      And I have the scars to prove it....

      Lee, they will have a great time as long as they enjoy the process of
      getting into scraps, and getting themselves out. If so - go for it.
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