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31546Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Re: Driving Motor Home from Pennsylvania to Costa Rica

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  • Fred Morgan
    Jun 2, 2005
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      One of my favorite quotes: Do you know how to tell the pioneers? They
      are the ones with the arrows in their backs...

      Hooking up with people who have been there and done that is a great idea
      - and then they can tell you if you have lost your minds. I would
      seriously listen to what Susan said - what she may or may not have
      mentioned is that they had a native speaker of Spanish with them who
      knows Latin American really, really well - since he is from Costa Rica.
      He is Hector, our partner. They did not have a fun time of it - be warned.

      My thought is this: As long as everything goes smoothly, you will
      probably be fine - but, imagine a breakdown. I can promise you there
      will not be parts for your vehicle. So, you will end up stuck for days
      (if not longer) waiting to get a part, and hoping the local mechanic
      knows how to work on your vehicle.

      I would assume the caravans know how to deal with this - I suspect that
      they just leave your vehicle to be repaired and continue with you in
      someone else's motor home.

      It isn't the route that will get you most likely (except in Costa Rica)
      but the unexpected. I haven't been following this very well either - how
      good is your Spanish?

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