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3130Thank you All!

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  • Haymo Henry Heyder
    Jan 7, 2001

      Hi Party-Goers, Hi All,


      Thank you all for your lovely company, because without you, it wouldn’t have been possible.


      To give you some time to recuperate from the shock, I am leaving the list abandoned (again!) until next Friday (Jan. 12th 01).

      Barb, our ‘not-any-more mystery guest’ from Munich, and one of the most active lurkers on this list, has to catch up some color before returning to bleak Munich with rain and sleet. We are going to the beach, on the bike, of course.



      I decided to donate the leftover beer to the local Red Cross Committee, since they are having their yearly get-together this afternoon. I hope this is Ok with you (too late anyway for any regrets).

      After having returned, I will make an inventory with a detailed description of bowls, ladles, containers, and other goodies left behind so you won’t miss that specific kitchen accessory any more. In the meanwhile you’ll just have to improvise – just as with the list.


      Best saludos, and haste el Verne’s.