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2919Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Ranto o Burger

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  • John Kincy
    Nov 30 3:14 PM
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      Right on Mike!

      Sonics are predominant in the south-central plains from about the Rio Grande
      to the Tennessee River but you can find a few from coast to coast but none
      in the north.

      They started out as a hot dog and root beer stand in front of Troy Smiths
      fancy steak house in Shawnee, OK. This evolved to a Top Hat and he later
      added speakers so that people could order from their cars and then added
      car-hops so people could be served in their cars. That all started in the
      '50's and somewhere after that they became Sonic Driveins. I have seen one
      eat inside one that I believe may have been in Lake Village, ARK or near

      Read the gory detailes at http://www.sonicdrivein.com/ if you really want to
      know more. I guess a "soda" would be the small town equivalent in Costa

      > Also the question was asked what is a Sonic. Well
      > that is a fast food place from the southwest with lots
      > of them in good old Texas.
      > Mike
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