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28191Re: The Gendarmes of Costa Rica. Mostly nice guys., i agree!

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  • cstrcstamyst
    Feb 1, 2005
      > This is the moronic, lovely, chaotic life in Costa Rica. It is
      better than anyplace else I have lived.

      Oh I agree, i am from Texas, and never in my life have i felt good
      about seeing a policeman come my way... until costa rica. many people
      do not understand there's a difference between your municipal fuerza
      and the police that have arresting powers. most likely your municipal
      police DO NOT have arresting powers, but in fact their function is to
      MEDIATE. this is great. i read the government papers (online) from the
      defensoria of the habitantes which had statistics on denuncias and
      crime. it was found that MOST legal issues involving the police
      derived from MISUNDERSTANDINGS. logically then, the answer is to have
      a police force whose primary duty is to mediate! it's great, isn't it?

      wouldn't change it for the world.
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