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28186Re: It couldn't have happened to nicer folks......

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  • barrystevens2001
    Feb 1, 2005
      --- In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, Fred Morgan <fmorgan@f...>
      >- by law the police will not
      > investigate anything below a certain dollar value. I think the
      number was around $500.00 USD

      Didn't know that. I'll ask my attorney.

      > Yes, I count police who prey on out-of-towners as scum.

      Haven't heard any instances of this here.

      > I
      > would not punish the law abiding members of the tourism community
      > by making a stink, many who are actually members of this group.

      I think I wasn't clear. It's not the tourist we want to stop. It's
      those who prey on the tourists...

      > many of whom are members of this group

      > Also, if
      > you think that the local police will change based on threats to
      > tourism trade - I rather doubt it.

      I don't expect the local police to change based on tourism. What has
      already been proven to happen here is... the locals here have
      changed, based on calls from their superiors in San Jose.

      The superiors in San Jose have changed, based on calls from very
      influential members of the "merchants association" here and
      their "friends" in San Jose.

      The local police DO respond to calls from San Jose.

      My suggestion is... get the ICT to join in. THEY are the ones trying
      to bring in money via tourism.

      > But you might find that they will
      > respond REALLY slow if you ever need them.

      You're right about that. There's a 50-year-old ex-pharmacist here
      who got a wild hair across - something - and has sued the government
      and the police for - something. He finds relationships with the
      police rather difficult.

      However, with the approach I'm suggesting, the pressure will come
      from the ICT, not from me. The objective of this would be to create
      a large-scale change in policy, rather than to protect my personal

      > invite a
      > policeman to advise you on how to protect your stuff and what to
      > do on a bus. Then, if it fails - they will feel more morally
      > obligated to
      > help - since they gave you bad advice. Believe me, it is true.

      THIS is a VERY good idea for the personal protection side.

      > if I have so much stuff
      > that I can't keep an eye on it - I have too much stuff

      After our own hearts... we gave away the entire contents of a 2,300
      square foot house, occupied for 35 years, to a center for abused
      children... and came down here with two suitcases each.

      > [not willing to take my life to get my stuff] Guess what
      > I was concerned about in NJ?

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