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2665Re:Meli, guns and common sense

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  • waterspryt@aol.com
    Nov 2, 2000
      Dear Johann,

      I WILL turn 32 next week, as I said, and cannot see at all what that has to
      do with the discussion we are having. I am an adult with children of my own.
      Nuff said!

      I am plenty prepared to deal with the consequences of killing someone who
      forces me to do so, through their own act(s) of violence toward me or mine.
      I do not believe in a "Man upstairs," so that is not one of my particular
      concerns. The issue was not the theft of our vehicle, but the
      threatening/baiting of our persons with said vehicle. By the way, a Chevy
      Suburban (or, in truth, any other automobile!) is as deadly a weapon as any

      We did not have the luxury of moving when the incident happened. We had just
      bought the house (our first!) three months before this happened, and did not
      have the means necessary to pack up and leave. And why the hell should we
      have to move just because some kids don't like my skin/hair/eye color and
      choice of mates???

      As for racism and dealing with it, I have already expressed how we dealt with
      our encounter. Being armed, vigilant, educated, and otherwise prepared works
      for us and many others in the world.

      Brightest blessings! Meli
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