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2647Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Re:Meli, guns and common sense

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  • Tracy Kasket
    Nov 2, 2000
      With all the shooting going on there will be only you and me left, and I'm not so sure of you

      Kayo wrote:

      Hello,Very true, and in Sammyland the power given to racism is extremely "POWERFUL". My fathers best friend and my godfather was a black man, Clark Harper, and some of the stories I heard from him were very, very, sad. I learned in my teens, while running around with Clarks son to never, under any circumstances, turn the other cheek, and if confronted by a big stick go and immediately return with a bigger one. Someday with luck these ideas will become law here in Costa Rica:Thieves:  shot on sightChild molesters:  shot on sightRacist's: shot on sight                                                                                                                Kayo 

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