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2645Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Re:Meli, guns and common sense

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  • Johann Wagener
    Nov 1, 2000
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      Meli! Meli! Meli!

      I read your posting at length and continue to reinforce my perception that
      you are much younger than you say. I don't think arming oneself is very
      smart UNLESS one is willing to pay the consequences of taking a human life
      (whether here on this planet or with the MAN upstairs). Is a truck really
      worth that much?

      A wiser approach might be to relocate to a safer neighborhood? Especially
      since you do have small ones to protect. Neo-nazis are not exactly the best
      of neighbors unless you belong to the club.

      As for your color and mixed marriage; prejudice comes with the territory be
      it blatant as with Skinheads or subtle as with the more evolved
      sophisticated liberals. The advice I give clients is to "deal with it"
      squarely up front. The only power in racism is the power we give it.

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