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  • Paul Mitchell
    Nov 2 11:55 AM

      Janet (and Ray, BTW),

      I think our moderatrix is
      perfect... period!

      I fight with Yahoo's text
      formatting foibles all the
      time when posting online.

      One thing I have found to
      be useful when posting a
      URL on CRL (or other YH!
      Groups) is to imput my text
      far enough down the page
      so that it clears the annoy-
      ing advert that sits to the
      right, spinning and flashing
      at us.

      One way to be certain that I
      am far enough down to clear
      the ad is to place a single period
      (there's that WORD again!) at
      the very top of my text message
      and space down six or eight ver-
      tical spaces before starting my
      message. (See above...)

      Then when you enter a URL there is
      less likelihood of it being obscured by
      the bothersome ad graphic and also
      less likely to break onto two lines which
      makes it cumbersome to cut and paste
      into the address box. It also helps to put
      the URL in questionon a separate line...

      ...by itself, like this

      Also, there are times when I cannot seem
      to get my computer to highlight a URL in
      a YH! message. In that case I have found
      that if I hit the reply button I can highlight
      it in the message window that opens up,
      thus saving me from having to painstakingly
      type the whole thing without any mistakes!
      Afterwards, I just delete the reply window.
      (Often, a URL that was obscured by the
      ad graphic will become visible in the
      reply window as the ad graphic does not
      come along into the new window.)

      I could show an example, but that would be
      P-B-ing and we do not need it -nor any
      sarcasm, for that matter. (Not that I would
      ever do sich a thang.)

      !Puros 'Puercos de Atras'!

      Paul M.
      [who is hoping that there is enough
      helpfullness in this email to hurdle
      his horrible humor inherent in it]
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