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22707Repollo and Schtuff

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  • dollgal
    May 31, 2004
      Rock and Roll repollo? I tell you, that gave me the belly-laugh of the
      day!! Thank you!!!!

      So...you're all going to be there on Saturday, right? You'd better be,'cos
      we're bringing a load of stuff to sell and we're really poor and ( yeah,
      ok, save it!!!!)

      Seriously, if you have never been to one of our 'Get-Togethers' (as an ex
      teacher I am sure that's bad grammar, but it's too late in the day to
      contemplate, so...) you really need to come. You can put faces to names,
      (in my case this is NOT a good thing) network, exchange info...you get the
      idea? I made the 'mistake' (oops, did I say that out loud?) of coming to
      one a couple of years ago at Tex Mex. I knew No One from the list except
      Sharon. (Well yes, you can deduce from that.....now I know just about
      everyone in the area) and here I am, in my leathers!! :) (this week
      is my turn to moderate).

      If you come for no other reason, come for Jo's Hot Fudge Sauce, (to die
      for,'specially over Ice Cream...oh crime!) and Sharon's Sausage (without
      which no self respecting breakfast table would be properly attired!!)

      If none of those reasons appeal to you, just turn up to give me grief! I
      have broad shoulders!

      BTW...if any of you need more detailed directions to R&R Pollo, I can
      re-post Deek de Geeks from last year.

      CU There,
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