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22304Janet's 'present' of buying coffee

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  • Ray Caruthers
    May 1, 2004
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      I took the comment that buying 'one bag was not
      enough'! I ordered 4 12oz. 'friends' transitional
      bags for $25.75, including shipping.

      I can do that for a daily dose of CR, knowing it's
      helping those beautiful Ticos.

      How to do it: Go to the web site: www.tesdelsol.com,
      register, then on the order page, on the upper left,
      you should find a drop down menu with a 'friends'
      transitional and organic buying option, as well as the
      regular options. ( I didn't get the 'friends' options
      when I first registered, but Janet caught and made it
      right. She said I should see a 'friends' membership
      option when I registered but didn't. I suppose I
      screwed up again. :) You'd think a guy flying jet
      fighters thirty years ago could figure this out!).

      Pura Vida


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