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  • tico_can
    Apr 30 6:44 PM
      The "Chinos" at the pulperia as mentioned by Jessica Brown seem to be
      in every neighborhood. Semana Santa week and on two different
      occasions found myself wandering through unfamiliar neighborhoods in
      San Jose looking to buy cigarettes. Everything closed and even the
      gas stations only pumping gas with the office/store locked and
      cigarettes in sight but inaccessible. Restaurants closed other than
      fast food (no smokes or machine). Vendors in the park with novelty
      items and or food or drinks but no smokes. As my nicotine craving
      increased and frustration showed I was finally directed by some
      locals off the main street through a maze of little streets towards a
      non descript little corner store operating out of a home..." The
      Chino" Got my smokes, some gatorade and reflected on how many
      relatives he must have as everything seemed so familiar to
      the "Chino" in my own neighborhood. A few days later same predicament
      but this time rather than walking endlessly down the main
      thoroughfare I just enquired where the "Chino" was.
      I do not know how common this may be but where I stay the "chino"
      knows all, can get anything, operates the local micro credit
      operation and somehow maintains an almost invisible profile.
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