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  • Athena Raven
    Feb 1, 2004
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      Jean and group,

      Being African American, I take extreme exception to your example below. I'm so very happy for you that you take such pride in your "100% French Canadian ancestry". Perhaps you are unaware that most people for some reason do take pride in their lineage. I say for some reason because you are born into your circumstances. You did not work extra hard in heaven or score some extra points that would have placed you in a particular race so how can you claim pride? I find it very telling of who you are that you would use such a derogatory example towards African Americans to make your point. It could be a lack of education but surely any fool could have worded the nasty statement below in a more palatable form. Should you be stumped as to how you could have been less offensive, write me offline and I can provide you with multiple examples.

      Can anyone see Judy and Sharon's point now about political correctness? This is a very good example (at least for me) as to how words can hurt and that it wouldn't kill anybody to maybe try and be considerate of the next persons feelings when opening their mouths. I'm VERY angry while writing this and I should have probably waited a bit but I didn't and so I'm sorry to anyone I may be offending with my bluntness.

      By the way: Viva Pura Vida de Costa Rica!
      Obviously I'm still working on my Spanish but even with my ire being raised, I did still remember to squeeze Costa Rica in...

      Athena Raven

      It is the same as a non negro calling a black a nigger.

      Jean Hebert (Jeano )of 100% French Canadian ancestry
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