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  • Chuck Leake/pop.racsa.co.cr
    Sep 2, 2000

      Hello People of CostaRicaLiving,



      As all Lists must have rules, I wish to review a few of those with you now.  Just maybe a few of you will read and heed this advisory over the coming days and weeks.


      1)     This is a ‘Participatory List’ and all members must take an active part.  No --- reading all of the Posted messages is not truly considered “taking part”.  Each member must occasionally take keyboard in hand, address a new message to CostaRicaLiving@..., type a few lines, click on ‘SEND’ and then and only then, may bask in the golden light that floods down from the honored ‘Land of Cyber’ for Members in Good Standing.


      2)  Members in Good Standing must also attempt to find articles of interest about Costa Rica to all

          members and pass them on. Cleaning them up by use of a program similar to eClean would be

          nice.  Those multiple >>> just look really bad!


      3)     Above all else, Members in Good Standing must remember that as the sun rises each morning,

      it gives each of us another opportunity to have fun, enjoy life to the fullest and attempt to find

           new ways to help all of us to better understand the people and culture of Costa Rica.


      4)     Work as hard as possible to learn how to overcome the roadblocks bureaucracy throws

           our way and figure out methods to do what we need to do to better enjoy this beautiful land    

           and even do business here --- if work is really our thing.


      Those are just a few of the simpler rules each and every member of CostaRicaLiving must try to uphold while also telling his or her friends that we need more help and showing those who already live here how to join with us.


      Darn it, I almost forgot to really put emphases on the single most important RULE --- that of having FUN!  For the dire threat of ex-subscribing is always hanging over any member refusing to take advantage of every opportunity to have fun and enjoy life is the most important rule.  This rule binds us all together in an effort to help each other learn ways to better understand and enjoy life in our adopted homeland.


      chuck leake

      proprietor / co-factotum


      wonderful, interesting, educational, polite,

      self-disciplined, responsible and fun.

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