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1740Re: [CostaRicaLiving] weather reports

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  • John C Kincy
    Aug 31 10:03 PM

      Oops, I think I misplaced Chacarita and I don't recall ever seeing this one unlike the others. But there must be a WX there id'ed as MRCH. If anyone knows if there is an active ruway there, @ lat. 9.9833, lon. -84.7833, please let me know.


      Hi all,

      Someone was asking about the weather in Costa Rica. You can find the official reporting from 5 airports at NOAA's web site at:

      http://weather.noaa.gov/weather/CR_cc.html .

      Chacarita is in the west, 7 km east  of Puntarenas.

      Juan Santamaria is 16 km NW of San José or about 2 km S of Alejuela

      Liberia is in the NW about 12 km WSW of Liberia

      Puerto Limón is on Atlantic coast near Puerto Limón

      Tobias Bolaños about 7 km NW of San José

      This will probably give more info that you want but at the bottom of each reporting page you get a summary for the day so you can see the change from day to nite.

      Tonight the temps F for the above at 7PM EDT are 75, 68, 75, 80, 71.

      It was 88 here in Florida at the same time.

      Consera la serenidad o se enfria.