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  • El Galloviejo
    Sep 1 3:45 PM
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      alive + well + vistin Manuel Antonio. Thuh Tico Times, Central
      America's Leading English-Language Newspaper, On-Line Daily News
      Briefs Edition (Advt.), had the following article (quoted in itz
      entireity with no permission frum nobody) today about Bruce Willis +
      hiz huney as originally reported by La Nacion, San Jose, costa Rica's
      Leading Daily Spanish Language Newspaper (Advt.) -

      <U.S. movie star Bruce Willis, star of the Die Hard trilogy and
      partial owner of the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain, is reportedly
      vacationing incognito in the Central Pacific beach town of Manuel
      Antonio with his girlfriend actress Brooke Burns, who is starring in
      a Joel Silverman movie being filmed here called "Death to

      According to the daily La Nación, the two high-profile actors were
      spotted together on the beach over the weekend, confirming rumors
      that the two are dating.

      The local press, however, has been unable to photograph or interview
      Willis, who has keep a low profile here.>

      I gave a Cyberspace holler to uh fren who ownz a cupla hotelz in
      Manuel Antonio, burdz uva feather you know, cept this El Galloviejo
      tejano tico burd ain't got very much featherz lef, who sed, yep, ol
      Bruce had been seen on thuh beach there with Brooke.

      I jus KNOW down deep in mah hart that a bunch uv us ex-pat Central
      American residents er all gonna form a gigantic, motorized caravan +
      dash rat over to whur the Jungle Meetz the Sea, Manuel Antonio
      (Advt.), and crane our nex bout allll day jes fer a glimpse uv thuh
      hansum cupple.

      Maybe Leo will volunteer tuh organize the hole deal.


      Allen McDonald, El Galloviejo

      Quocunque jesseris stabit.
      Whichever way I am thrown, I will stand. – J. Duke Moseley
      Cualquier manera me lanzan, estaré parado.

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