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167718Re: My recent Los Chiles, CR to San Carlos, NA border crossing

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  • gringo_ed
    Aug 16, 2014
      ---In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, <bernij@...> wrote
      Has anyone yet found or been over the new bridge and where exactly is it?

      The new bridge, a very impressive concrete two lane structure is about mid-way between San Carlos and Boca de Sabalos over the Rio San Juan. It was built by the Japanese. The CR/NA border is inland from the river a few kms until a point downriver from El Castillo. The road from San Carlos, NA to the bridge is a very well constructed, modern road in almost completely flawless condition. Our fast taxi driver who was flying at a rate well over 100 kpm, took the short detour from the turnoff to Sabalos to show us the bridge. Foot traffic only from what we observed, though the bridge is complete and ready for vehicular use. My Tico friend seemed to think that Costa Rica would build a road to the CR border to connect the bridge....well, when hell freezes over. The river, San Carlos, Boca de Sabalos and El Castillo are relatively unspoiled, natural, and untouristed...except for a small number of intrepid souls who venture there.
      Get there soon, once the road and border crossing are established this area will no longer be unspoiled.
      As far as an inexpensive, hassle-free(so far) alternative for a visa-renewing border crossing, Los Chiles is IMHO the way to go, public transport is easy and cheap. No questions or requirements and 90 days given.

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