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167709RE: [CostaRicaLiving] Los Chiles border crossing

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  • kateedidnt97138
    Aug 15, 2014
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      Just made this run and it is very easy.

      Step by step: When you get to Los Chiles, turn left at the Monge and follow that street to the end, around two corners and you will find yourself in the correct spot.

      Arrive 10ish Purchase (or sign up for anyway) boat ticket $14 each way (you pay return trip on the way back)

      Check into Hotel Wilson - Double $46, Single $30. You can park your car in their lot, which is gated at night.

      Go through Immigration Go down to the dock & pay Municipalidad Los Chiles your 600 colones ... this is instead of the $7 land exit tax. Boat boards around noon ... varying stories of when it boards/leaves, but two trips has the boat leaving @ 1 1 hour boat ride to San Carlos $12 for NI immigration

      Have lunch Return to immigration @ 3:30 Pay $2 to leave Board boat Return to CR Go through "customs" right across from the dock ... cursory at most.

      Walk up the street and go to immigration. They may or may not ask anything about your exit. First time, they asked nothing, this time they asked how long I would be in CR. I said my ticket was for 88 days. Got 90.

      Walk across the street to Hotel Wilson Bar & Restaurant and have a beer!
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