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167699Re: important medical information

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  • John French
    Aug 14, 2014
      Okay, a contractual arrangement costs $17/month whether you use them or
      not. Then, when you do use them, you have to call and they have to have
      an ambulance ready for you.

      Question: is there a paid fee-for-service company in CR where you call
      and they actually come? I have been here for about ten years and could
      have used the service only once. (10 x 12 x 17 = $2,040 -- a lot to pay
      for one ride.)

      As an aside, when i had my sudden-onset pulmonary embolism, i called a
      cab. They were at my house in less than five minutes, and took me and my
      credit card directly to the hospital of my choice in San Jose for about
      7,000 colones.

      John French

      P.S. I spend a lot betting the INS i will have an accident. So far they
      are winning. To recoup my losses i am considering betting that i will die.
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