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167614ICE and internet

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  • mrlee in Jaco
    Aug 6, 2014
      when i got to work today my internet didn't work. since i have a 10 year old laptop, i tried rebooting a few times (this usually worked in the past!), but no dice.  the modem looked like it was getting a signal, but i rebooted that as well; still no dice. oh, i use ICE for my service.  so after getting pretty bummed, i did what ICE  expects you to do, i called 1115, and since i was offered an english speaker, i punched "1".  soon enough a nice english speaking womean came on and ran me through the usual 20 question list.  afterward she explained that it sounded like my modem was just fine, and they could fix my problem from "there", wherever "there" is; i know from speaking to them, it was not india.  she said hold on and she'd transfer me to a technician, so i put the phone down and turned on speakerphone, figuring it could be a while.  but not today, they must have been having a slow day, because he was on in less then 5 minutes, which if you've ever been on hold for ICE, well, you get it.  he asked for my phone number (again) and said wait a minute (in english) and in just a few minutes i was on line!!!!!
      isn't this the way they expect things to work?  bizarro world
      happily surfing (out of the water) in jaco
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