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  • nosliwmas
    Aug 6, 2014
      Professor Emerita Diane wrote:
      > I think the reason us citizens are having their babies in Costa Rica
      > is for the education. It's free there.

      Hmmm... I've got 4 out of 5 Tico kids either currently in the Costa
      Rica education system or recent graduates of the Costa Rica
      education system, and except for when having the best of becas,
      or when they were taking INA courses or in grade school, I have
      paid for their education. I'll start paying for the 5th one, who is only
      2 years old, next year. Perhaps by, "It's free there" you mean
      "relatively free" or "lower cost?"

      I'm paying ¢50 mil/mes for the youngest student in kindergarten
      right now, and for the older ones at la U it has varied by university
      and course load. Here is an example of costs for attending the
      public Universidad de Costa Rica:

      http://www.oaf.ucr.ac.cr/ http://www.oaf.ucr.ac.cr/


      So from that you can find that 12 Graduate credits for Costarricenses
      has a basic cost of ¢156780. For foreign (international) students it
      would be ¢571080. Don't forget the "Otros Pagos" for extra costs
      to take exams, insurance, etc. Later there could very well be costs
      for joining the (pretty much mandatory) professional organization
      associated with a career (like the Bar Association for Lawyers, or
      an Engineering Society, etc.)

      I'm not complaining about the costs at all. My youngest in school
      has benefited immensely by the socialization and structure provided
      by his preschool/kindergarten and my oldest has graduated from law
      school with honors and she is working in the Assemblea hob-knobbing
      with the new president and other Costa Rica politicos. A great return
      on my money in both cases.

      Heck, I always figured US citizens were having their babies in Costa
      Rica because the sex was free ("relatively free" or "lower cost!") ;-)

      Just for reference, of course... and because someone will ask...
      Country whores in licensed whorehouses might only be ¢7 mil/hour,
      outside of licensed whorehouses they could be much cheaper
      depending upon negotiating skills of the buyer, however true Tica
      love could very well be free (or not, depending upon the buyer!)

      While country whores can obviously be quite the bargain, I can attest
      that true Tica love is priceless (regardless of cost.)

      Sam, in Guanacaste, rubbing his grubby hands in anticipation of all
      the future political favors he will receive for his investment in tuition!

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