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  • henry
    Aug 5 3:04 PM
      question posted <<What happened to our rainy season??>>

      answer posted <<Ever heard of El Nino?>>

      actually el nino hasn't happened yet and was predicted later in the year.  this low rainfall pattern and so many other weather changes over the years in costa rica are more likely from climate change (global warming) then most anything else.  the same can be said for so many other parts of the world experiencing major climate changes.

      www. carbonbrief.org
      Last month, weather forecasters were predicting with 90 percent certainty we'd see an El Niño by the end of the year, driving severe weather patterns worldwide. But with little sign so far of the ocean and atmospheric changes scientists expected, those odds have dropped off quite a bit.
      We'll probably still see an El Niño before the year's out but it's unlikely to be a strong one, scientists are saying.  

      many other scientific climate reports have the same predictions as the one above.

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