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  • jckincy
    Aug 5, 2014
      As of now I can't pay on line with BNCR. Keep getting the old "La empresa no acepta pagos en este momento" (The company does not accept payments at this time) message.

      Not all Costa Ricans are required to pay into the CAJA but if they don't or their employer doesn't or they are not a dependent of some who does than they will not receive medical services by the CAJA. Government employees are covered but sometimes the government does not pay. That is why the fund is in such bad shape besides bad management. Let us state it this way, a government official will not go to jail for not making the payments but a private employer might and an expat could lose their residency. I was in an EBAIS one day and there was a list of employers who had not paid their premiums (fee, dues or whatever) and those employees had to go to the CCSS office and get a note before they could be seen at the clinic. One of those employers was MOPT.

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