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167132Comparing Living Expenses

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  • steveandpaulacr
    Jul 11, 2014
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      I get so tired of seeing and hearing that Costa Rica is becoming so expensive and that its so much cheaper to live in the U.S. - sure expenses are going up but they are going up everywhere in the world. I saw this article in one of my on-line newspapers and it compared living expenses in San Jos� to Toronto, Canada.

      Consumer Prices in San Jos� are 26.96% lower than in Toronto
      Consumer Prices Including Rent in San Jos� are 35.17% lower than in Toronto
      Rent Prices in San Jos� are 50.33% lower than in Toronto
      Restaurant Prices in San Jos� are 25.70% lower than in Toronto
      Groceries Prices in San Jos� are 28.11% lower than in Toronto
      Local Purchasing Power in San Jos� is 62.38% lower than in Toronto
      When comparing the cost of living in both cities we find that it will cost you one third (28.78%) less to eat a meal at an inexpensive restaurant in San Jos�, than in Toronto. A domestic beer costs US$2.28 in San Jos�, while US$5.15 in Toronto. A cappuccino is US$2.21, US$3.27 in Toronto.

      At the supermarket, a loaf of fresh white bread costs 50% less in San Jos�. Local cheese, though we in Costa Rica see it as being expensive, it is still 41.28% less than local cheese in Toronto. Chicken breast (36.53%), tomato (67.57%), lettuce (47.24%) and eggs (8.87%), even though you won�t find them in the fridge, are all less in Costa Rica.

      More expensive in San Jos� is bottled water, 7.52% more for a 1.5 litre of bottled water, this despite Costa Rica has plenty of natural spring water sources.

      Taking a taxi in San Jos� is 72.29% less than in Toronto and 74.04% less for a local bus, but in Costa Rica we pay 14.35% more for gasoline and 35.43% on the price of a new car (Volkswagen Golf is used in the comparison).

      Basic utilicites (electricity, heating, water, garbage) for a 85 m2 apartment is 64.15% less in San Jos�, yet the cost of internet is 45.97% more.

      Monthly rents are between 34.26% and 60.61% cheaper in San Jos� than similar apartments in Toronto. If you are looking to buy, purchasse prices for a city apartment is 82.57% lower in San Jos�.

      When it comes to earning, you are better off in Toronto, where the average monthly disposable salary (after tax) is 75.61% less in Costa Rica, and where you also pay 311.51% more in mortgage interest rates. While the average yearly mortgage rate in Toronto is 3.4%, in Costa Rica it is 14%.


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