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165718Craftsman Battery

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  • Robert Williams
    Apr 1, 2014
      In the US there are companies such as Batteries Plus, which remanufacture a persons existing battery. Perhaps there is such a store in Costa Rica? If not, perhaps that might be a business for an enterprising person to consider; provided the government does not have any prohibition toward such a business. 

      Incidentally, I did go to acehardware.com and while they had a full line of Craftsman power tools, even 19,2 volt, and they had nine pages of replacement batteries, they did not list any batteries for Craftsman. So, out of curiosity I called the Ace Hardware in my home town in the US, and in fact they had a 19.2 volt Craftsman battery in stock for $39.99. I realize that doesn't do Brian any justice here in Costa Rica.


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