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165709Re: Craftsman Battery

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  • jckincy
    Apr 1, 2014
      Craftsman is a Sears brand and that means in my experience that you can only buy replacement parts at some Sears stores (for some things),
      at Sears parts and service centers and on Sears.com.

      You could take it to some of the larger Ferreterías that sell tools and see if it matches anything that they have. You would be very lucky if you did but without knowing who the OEM is it is just a shot in the dark. Also it has been my experience that OEMs sometimes uses slightly different parts for Sears products but they always have different part numbers even when identical or funtionally so because quess what? Sears wants you to buy them from Sears, at a higher price in many cases of course.

      As a side note I see that many of these rechargable batteries on newer items use lithium-ion batteries which are getting a reputation for spontaneously going up in Flames. I predict more shipping restrictions on these making replacements even more expensive in the future.

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