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165696Washer recommendation, please!

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  • tmchyde
    Mar 31 7:19 PM
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      I want to hear from any of you who have bought a washing machine in recent years whether you are happy with it or unhappy with it (both pieces of information help me). Here's why:

      My 2007 Fridigaire front loader washer is going to cost $350 (parts and labor) to maybe fix it. Of course, it still may not work as this is now the third repairman who has looked at it who wasn't sure what the full solution is. If it doesn't work, then I still pay for the rather expensive labor (the repairmen actually drives a 2013 pickup with extra cab where he carries spare parts) and if any of the parts are bad from the supplier, I will have to eat that rather than get a refund on them. (That's how it works here in many cases as they don't give refunds to the repairmen if they get a bad part. No guarantees because of the...the umm...____...culture here.)

      Anyway, in lieu of repairing a digital machine like this with three circuit boards in it, I wonder if the money would not be better spent finding a different new or used model.

      For example, my repairmen mentioned he got an old completely analog machine used from some old lady cheap. That sounds like the ticket rather than another digital machine with planned obsolescence. Anyone know where to find them?

      I'm open to automatic and semi-automatic recommendations, new or used. (I figure even if I have to pay triple my repair price on a new washer, if it's more reliable than this front loader has been, it will be worth it)

      Thanks in advance

      Curridabat, San Jose

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