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165694The Delta Bribri Indigineous People Pens

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  • Ken Schillinger
    Mar 31, 2014
      I am forwarding this to CRL should any of our members feel strongly toward
      the Bribri, and wish to have a symbol. No affiliation to Bertrams, or Delta.


      The Delta Bribri Indigineous People Pens


      Bertram's Inkwell




      Introducing the Delta Costa Rican Bribri, the latest in the Indigenous
      People series:

      Three limited edition Delta Bribri fountain pens, a limited edition
      rollerball, and a limited edition ballpoint pen, each limited to 977 copies


      Delta Bribri Indigenous People Collection Red/Coral Fountain Pen Gold Trim.
      Many species of frogs live in Costa Rica and many are found in the region
      where the Bribri live. The frog is the symbol at the top of the Bribri pen
      clip. You can see the complete collection of Bribri pens at our website.

      The Bribri people of Costa Rica are honored in the latest addition of
      Delta's celebrated indigenous collection of limited edition writing
      instruments. The Bribri are an American Aboriginal people living in the
      forests and Caribbean coastal areas of Costa Rica. The majority live with
      running water and a scarce amount of electricity, raising cacao, banano, and
      platano to sell as well as beans, rice, corn, and a variety of produce for
      their own consumption.

      Many Bribri are isolated and have their own language. This has


      The color and design of the Delta BriBri pens are a reflection of the colors
      of the Bribri clothing.

      allowed them to maintain their indigenous culture, although it has also
      resulted in less access to education and health care. Although the group
      has the lowest income per capita in the country, they are able to raise much
      of their own produce, medicine, and housing materials, and earn cash to
      purchase what they can't grow themselves through tourism and by selling
      cacao, banano, and platano.


      Delta Bribri Indigenous People Collection Red/Coral Fountain Pen


      Delta Bribri Indigenous People Collection Black Fountain Pen


      Homes among the Bribri.

      The barrels are made from special resin, turned by hand from solid bars.
      The end of the cap is adorned by cabochon that, in relief, portrays an
      ancient breastplate medallion of pre-Colombian goldsmith art. The clip
      depicts a frog standing in a tree branch, (where the Bribri people are
      located are more than 100 different species of frogs) while the central ring
      reproduces a Bribri tribal mask. These detailed parts are obtained from
      traditional metal fusion "lost wax" technique synonymous with pure
      craftsmanship, which is polished by hand and finished with plating in either
      precious rhodium or solid gold (depending on the version).


      Delta Bribri Indigenous People Collection Roller Ball


      Delta Bribri Indigenous People Collection Ballpoint Pen

      Limited to 977 pieces of each mode, the collection consists of piston
      fountain pen in either gold or rhodium trim, cartridge fountain pen, capped
      rollerball and twist ballpoint.


      All fountain pens in the collection are fitted with the Delta's
      revolutionary Fusion nib. (International patent pending). Fusion is a nib
      invented and created by Delta: it results from a combination of various
      metals such as 18 carat solid gold and steel alloy, resulting in a more
      functional fountain pen.

      Available in EF, F, M, B, and STUB.

      Please call if you have any questions.

      Meet Bert Oser!
      Bert's signature

      Bert Oser

      Bertram's Inkwell


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