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165679La-Z-Boy Recliner repair or refurb . . .

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  • stanhopi
    Mar 30, 2014
      Gentle CRLers,

      In my Alajuela apartment I have a La-Z-Boy reliner, muy mucho cómodo, that I bought several years ago from a CRLer. I've used it so much that it now no longer will stay fully upright when I sit back up in it and the back leans back now since the interior mechanisms have become worn.

      So I am going to either need to replace it or, since this is Costa Rica, I would like to find someone who can refurbish/repair the mechanism.

      I was told that there used to be a La-Z-Boy retail store in SJ at one time but that it's now long gone. So, I'm wondering whether there is a furniture store around somewhere in the Central Valley that still sells La-Z-Boy products.

      Failing that, can anyone on CRL recommend a furniture maker or repairman, etc., who might be able to fix/refurbish the mechanism in my recliner?

      Regards & TIA

      Paul M.

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