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  • Robert Williams
    Feb 20, 2014
      Have we gotten off subject? First we were talking about the length of time it takes to legally make a visa run. Now we are talking about the impact of migration into Costa Rica, as well as tico attitude toward tourists. 

      Frankly, being from an area in the US where migration to as well as tourism was a significant part of the economy. I am from SW Florida, near Ft Myers. It was most interesting how many people from New Jersey, Ohio, or places elsewhere would come on vacation, or to stay, and then immediately complain how things were. It seemed that they complained about how things were, how much better things were wherever they came from. Whenever these people were reminded that I 75 had anywhere from two to six lanes, and they were free to return from wherever, they generally began to shut their mouth.

      Are things perfect in Costa Rica? The answer is no. But again, please someone name the utopia that might exist. The truth is that a utopia does not exist; it is the figment of some imaginations.

      As far as Costa Rica, I enjoy living here, in spite of challenges that might exist. If there comes a time whenever I cannot meet those challenges I will not let a door hit me in the backside; I will move.

      This discussion sort of reminds me of the city slicker with his mouth full that complained about the farmer.

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