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  • jckincy
    Feb 20, 2014
      Robert, this rumor about having to stay out of the country 72 hours to "renew a visa" or update the passport has been going around for more than twenty years.  A number of people, some very recently, have confirmed that you do not have to stay out of the country for more than whatever time the country you are doing your turn around in requires procedurally or whatever is practical from a travel standpoint.  It has been reported that Nicaragua requres a three hour wait but some have reported doing an immediate u-turn and coming back in.

      The 72 hour only applies to the custom's exoneration of $500 (or $600) or whatever and does not include "customs being involved otherwise".
      Now we are hearing of a supposed 24 hour requirement and yet people are still doing the same day turnarounds.  There seems to be an anti-PT (perpetual tourist) faction here and other places who feel it is their duty to discourage persons from attempting to get repeat visas.  I say leave that up to the government, stay out of the issue and stick with the facts.  If one of my several friends in the next ninety days report to me that they were required by Costa Rican authorities to wait 24 hours to re-enter then I will believe it, until then it is just another version of a long standing, often repeated, incorrect rumour which refuses to die.
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