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  • Robert Williams
    Feb 19, 2014
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      It is always been my understanding that if customs were not involved that one could make a visa run in one day, either to Panama or to Nicaragua. As a matter of fact until recently I have been told that one could cross over into Rio Sereno, Panama, near San Vito, and come back the next day. 

      I also have always been told that if customs was involved, that if someone were bringing something back, they had to stay outside of Costa Rica for a minimum of 72 hours.

      In discussing this with someone today they suggested that if one was making a visa run, that they were required to stay out of the country for a minimum of 72 hours, whether or not customs were involved or not. I stand by my belief that only one day out of the country is all that is required to satisfy immigracion and the visa requirement, but cannot find anthing online to support this.

      So, what is the minimum requirement for a visa run? One day, or three days? 

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