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164542RE: Heartworm prevention for dogs in CR?

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  • hippieforever3
    Jan 21, 2014

      Heartworm prevention is very much a scare tactic. When you "Google" information about heartworm notice how many of the entries are blatant ads for expensive drugs and treatments.

      Try Googling "wolves heartworm" to get past the snowstorm of ads.

      Common sense will tell you that if heartworm were anywhere near the problem your vets tried to convince you, the entire wolf and feral dog population of the world would have died off years ago. Dead canine carcasses would litter the landscape.

      For those that don't google well, I'm providing the counter claims on heartworm here;




      Very long but very definitive

      Stop feeding kibble with all the poisons in it. You don't have to go full raw but ALL kibble has poisons that suppress the immune system and harm your pets.

      BTW - Ivomec is widely available without prescription if treatment is necessary.


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