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164220How to ATTRACT a Robber, Home Invasion or Bandito!!

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  • livinglifeincostarica
    Jan 1, 2014
      SERIOUSLY peeps - do NOT NOT NOT leave ANY boxes in front of your house - out in the trash from your Christmas gifts or ANY box you get ANY time of the year that might put the BIG RED "ROB ME" sticker across your forehead!!! 

      #1 - MOST place I know, the trash pick up is OFF a day after Christmas and

      #2 - I just walked 5 blocks on New Years DAY - when the streets and MANY houses are EMPTY - and I can't tell you how many people had their new 42" tv and new computer boxes, etc. out in front of their house - for the WHOLE world to see - INCLUDING banditos (who sometimes are those people that regularly go through your trash if you leave it out before the trash man comes)!!!!  And they will NOT be picked up for at LEAST another day!!!


      The Monday before New Years I went to the U.S. embassy with a friend and there were PLENTY of American's in there that had their passport stolen and MANY had it and their belongings stolen within a few MINUTES of locking their CAR!!!  And some of course were drunk!  And SOME of them where residents or frequent visitors that said they KNEW better - but they thought - "it's just for a minute" (or just weren't thinking as they were having tooo much funnnn!!)!

      Peeps, how do you think AAA, etc. opens your locked car??  There are gizmos ANYONE can get to jimmy a lock in SECONDS - while just standing in front of your car facing OUT so no one realizes what's happening - http://LockPickShop.com/AT.html

      And if you're going away and not having someone staying in your home or hiring a House Sitter, BUY A FEW TIMERS for your lights and put them near various windows so it looks like someone IS home!!! 

      NOT being CONSCIOUS around this issue - you're potentially advertising/saying 

      "Hey - come and tie me up - Home Invasion me - or rob my house or my car.

      Help yourself!!!   Look at the nice new things you can HAVE!!!"

      (and if you do and it happens, PLEASE do NOT cry about it or blame the banditos!! [yeah that's a harsh statement but OFTEN WE set ourselves up to attract situations don't we???!!  I sure know I do like when my housekeeper stole THOUSANDS of $$s of jewels from me!!   I didn't have them locked up real well as I couldn't imagine he'd EVER do that to me since I treated/paid him SOOO WELL!])

      Ya wonder why crime during these 2 weeks are the HIGHEST of the year . . . .

      If I had a car/truck I'd drive around neighborhoods removing these for people!!! (if anyone is in Escazu now & wants to do it, I'll go with you - SERIOUSLY - 8-378-6679)

      On the POSITIVE NOTE - if you're moving any time in the future, it's a GREAT time to get some good boxes!!!

      Vicki Skinner
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