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  • olamoree
    Dec 1, 2013
      The renter with or without contract is still king.  The change was to be able to have them out in two months for non-payment or such instead of 10 years but otherwise, no bananas.  About utilities, IF they are in the name of the tenant and are cut off for non-payment, that is legal... BUT... if it is not paid subsequently, you can't get utilities hooked up for the next tenant and the ex-tenant isn't going to pay up so it can change names... that will take some footwork on your part.  However, IF the utilities are in YOUR name as the owner, and the tenant stops paying YOU, and the service is cut off, the tenant can come after YOU under the premise of the law that the owner has to provide ALL of the services that were provided when the tenant moved in... for the duration of the tenants stay even tho the tenant has stopped paying YOU.  So which is the best way?  Have the tenant provide their own hookups and possibly leave you having to chore of getting service again, or to have the utilities in your name and then have to pick up the broken pieces if the tenant stops paying YOU.  The life of the landlord is NOT an easy one.



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      What are the laws to protect the land lord who has a contract? I thought they changed them to protect the landlord?

      I guess the water and or electric can be shut off for NO PAYMENT. Most pay the utilities for rentals and one could just shut it off? NO bath or elect deters most? Most land lords pay the utilities and if the rentor is not paying the rent they are not paying the water and electric.... so say.


      Would like to know if there is anyone out there that really knows. 

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      > I wish to find a very good attorney who specializes in evicting non paying renters....

      Every providence  has a court Municipal to deal with dead beats. Some are better than others. So first where do you live?? Go to the court house in that district along with the rental agreement. This most likely a waste of time however, you can get some advice. Have someone with you who speaks Spanish as well to make sure you understand. Then file order for eviction. This will take sometime and with the holidays coming nothing going to happen for awhile. Do as much leg work as possible before hiring and attorney make it very clear what you want done and once she/he knows you already investigated what to be done you have less chance of being taken advantage of. Good Luck.

      A Tica friend of mind had a house that the renter did not pay.  Over in Guaplies. She went to the police station found two policemen in uniform and asked them to come with her to the house.She gave them a few colonies. She told the renter to leave by Sunday or she would come back and throw all their stuff out in the street and change the locks. They said they would file a denuncio against her she said better you against me then if I had to . They were out of there in 2 days. I do not recommend that with you.

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