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163521RE: Affordable housing

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  • geegee.morgan
    Nov 13 7:56 AM

      Affordable housing  has to follow the increase of living here in C.R.


      I have to input here.. food, gas, taxi, electric, insurance home, toll roads and car and on and on.

      And lets not for get Tv, computers, GOOD Appliances, Clothing, and house goods.

       IT has gone up Greatly. Also, the paint, construction, repairs, maintence, fertilizers, and labor. You have to give your employees a raise every year and 6 weeks salary on top of their health insurance. IF you are keeping up you property you have to increase the rent to stay even. You know Elect is twice here than what it is in Fla.

      No kidding twice.


      The C.R. government sells its Elect for Cheaper  ( less than half ) than what the C.Ricans pay for it

      WHY is that???? Something does not add up with the Politics of C.R. While the Pres. is now in ROME  for the  second time ON the C.Ricans tab. Dont we need Roads, health care, computers, school supply and infer. structure?  IT is getting more and more expensive by the week here. Yes, you have to look real hard to find cheap housing if you want to live sub standard than the USA. IF you are going to do that then stay in the USA and go to Georgia, Missi. Alabama. You can find nice houseing there for $500-$600. I say this because C.R. is not what it use to be as far as INEXPENSIVE. I did not work all my life to come and live

      less than I did in the USA. To much old propaganda still saying it is CHEAP HERE.  We have a home still in the states and it cost us more here now than the USA.


      I just felt it is time to dispell that Old Rumors how Cheap C.Rica is.

      Thank you for your ear.




      ---In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, <sharon.wallace@...> wrote:

      It's not that tough if you can look in the $500/month range.  We rent 2 small houses, furnished, for about $500/month plus utilities, and they suit  frugal travelers.  We're just one bus ride from San Jose, in the low mountains west of the capital, in a university town.  I have friends and neighbors, many of them expatriates, who built guest houses and rent them for much of the year.  Just takes a little attention to what you really need (no pool here, medium rustic, but manageable without a car).  As for not being cheap any more, that's truer of food than of housing here.  We've not raised our rents (one average) for 10-15 years.  Keep looking.

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