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163266Re: Beware of Car Insurance Charges

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  • John French
    Nov 2, 2013
      Bernui said, "As always you are the font of knowledge mere mortals want
      to emulate!"

      I don't know about that, but i do know what happens if i spit into the
      wind, or tug on Superman's cape.

      In any event, it is correct that Amex and CapitalOne claim to cover you
      in the US if you don't have any insurance at all, but will act only as a
      secondary if you do. Various forums indicate they both stick by their

      John °¿°

      P.S. My secret for appearing smart on CRL to some people, at least, is
      that i work hard not to make claims of which i am not absolutely sure.
      On the other hand, you such listen to me when i am drunk in a bar!
      (That's one of the reasons i haven't had a drink for more than 25 years :-)
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