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163245RE: RE: Beware of Car Insurance Charges

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  • alajuelanorth
    Oct 31, 2013

       This could be a heck of a deal for tourists!  I shall check the details, thanks!  Berni

      ---In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, <costaricaliving@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

       I like the sound of that so I called our local rental office on their take.  They have no special situation for AMEX premium so locally they would still tell you there was a deductible if you didn't take the full insurance or what I call "zero deductible" insurance.

      If you had an accident they'd charge your card the deductible and you'd "sort it out" with AMEX?  I am wondering if AMEX premium is somehow a rider on top of your homeowners?

      If this insurance is for real . . . customers in Costa Rica would save a bundle on the full insurance,  Berni

      ---In costaricaliving@yahoogroups.com, <lhsedd@...> wrote:

      I have the AMEX premium insurance which offers significant increases in coverage.
      It is a one time fee for each rental up to a maximum number of days, I think 40 something,
      for $29. I spent a considerable amount of time talking to them about this and they advised
      taking only the basic insurance. You have to sign the waiver of $1200 for damage with the
      rental company but Amex says that they refund it and work out the details of damage with the
      vendor. Fortunately, haven't had to find out how it works but AMEX has been great in the past
      resolving disputes for me.
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