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163241RE: Re: Visa run Panama or Nicaragua??

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  • kellyincosta
    Oct 31, 2013
      > We were wondering how the Panama border crossings
      > were going, because we need to go next month.  

      Hola! My family and I just did a border run at Paso Canoas. Here are a few things. One, Panama asks for both a ticket leaving Panama and either $500 cash or a bank statement. Showing a credit card would not do. Costa Rica upon re entering asked for our tickets leaving Costa Rica and the bank statement as well.

      I recently got a new passport b/c mine was about to expire. I made the mistake of not bringing the old one with me to show my latest entry and my new one had NO stamps of entry or departure. When they scanned it into the system, it showed all my comings and goings for the last years and for some reason it was not showing my latest entry to Costa Rica at the end of July, so it looked as if I had been in country since April. My family all had stamps entering end of July so after much deliberation and me promising that I entered with my family, they stamped me out. I will hold on to my old passport in case that ever comes up again.

      So, with that in mind I would say that it is likely they will call you out if you are over 90 days. Maybe they are easier at other borders! Good luck.

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