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163235Christopher Howard's Language and Cullture

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  • Christopher Howard
    Oct 31, 2013
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      Christopher Howard's Language and Culture

      More tico lingo

      Abrirse – in slang this verb means "to split" or leave.
      Batear – to guess at something or say something that one is not sure about. Batear really means to hit with a bat as in baseball.
      Bombearse – to get bombed (drunk)
      Chineadera – the spoiling or pampering of someone like a child. This noun comes from the verb chinear
      Dar un patatus – to die
      Dejar viendo para cipreses – to stand someone up
      Encelulado/a – to be addicted to using a cell phone
      Estar puras tejas – to be great just like saying "pura vida" when someone asks you how you are.
      Hacer de tripas chorizo – to try and make something good out of something that is bad.
      Hermanillo/a – term used to affectionately refer to one's brother or sister
      Meneca – a cute woman. Muñeca (doll) is also used as in English.
      Mota – marijuana Mecha and monte are also used for "pot."
      Pellejearla – to work hard or bust one's butt
      Peluquear – to cut hair
      Tirarle la bola a alguien – to "pass the buck"
      Torre – literally means tower but in slang is someone's head
      Las tres letras – literally means "three letters" but is slang for the O.J.I. or Costa Rica's equivalent of theFBI

      Costa Rican expression:
      Poner el altar para que otro diga miss (to set up the altar so that someone else can say mass). To do all of the work so that someone else can credit for it.

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