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163228bridges wot bridges - from ICR Morning News Today

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  • alajuelanorth
    Oct 30, 2013
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      In the category of "it doesn't take a rocket scientist or maybe we should ask Franklin Chang for an assist" category:


      From me to Alajuela . . . bridge collapsed a month ago, been rebuilt but they left a big hole . . . did result in marvelous drive by opportunity for Vida Tropical . . . .

      From me to San Jose, the worlds busiest ricketiest bridge AKA Platina . . . that wobbles for Channel 7 News now held together with crazy glue from Portugal . . . they promised some fast drying glue last week and closed the bridge but didn't do a thing that night . . .

      From me to Cartago, the worlds slowest circunvalacion now doesn't even go slow . . . water damage, bailey bridges were too short, start again, hit reset button.

      I think I shall go to the delightfully laid back San Ramon or better the wonderful orchid forest in Palmares,  :-))   You see there are benefits from the bridge problemitos, Berni