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163227RE: beware car rental insurance charges

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  • alajuelanorth
    Oct 30, 2013

       OK  . . . depends on the car but here's some data . . . car rental insurance here is covered by INS the national insurance.  And unlike some countries it is not an option - and foreign insurance NEVER covers the basic insurance here.  For a typical tourist rental of a Bego 4WD the daily basic insurance is $18 - most North American credit cards (gold, plutonium etc) include CDW coverage if you rent using their card.  Many European cards do not have this coverage.  This reduces the basic insurance to $11.50 a day.  But you still have a deductible of $1500 if you break something or $3000 if you lose the car.  These deductibles are NOT covered by your credit card.  To remove the zero deductible will cost $18.50 per day.  To remove the theft deductible will cost another $5 a day.

      So without credit card CDW coverage you will pay $41.50 a day in insurance.  With CDW you pay $35 a day.  If you choose to take the risk yourself you still pay $11.50 or $18 a day (with or without CDW coverage). 

      It is a fact and this has nothing to do with the car rental companies but insurance for car rentals is very expensive.  There is no competition as yet that I have seen.  The real bitch is that at least 1 car rental companies hide the insurance charges - and people who rent via places like expedia etc often don't see these costs and get a big surprise at the rental counter.  The good car agencies (most of them) try to make sure guests know these exist.

      Now what actually happens in real life . . . turns out it is almost no risk until the day you pull out from behind a slow bus on the cerro de la muerte . . .  I can only speak for the car rentals we do - 75% or more take the full coverage.  In 1000's of rentals in 11 years we have had 1 head on collision and 3 tiny cheap dings and no cars stolen.  

      If I rent do I take the extra insurance?


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      You might want to read the fine print on your credit card’s rental care insurance program. The vast majority will only cover damage that occurs on PAVED roads. That can be pretty limiting in CR.

      I’m not advising anyone to buy full coverage insurance when renting a car in CR, merely mentioning that your credit card might not actually have you covered.
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