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163222RE: RE: Question before moving?? Telecom Job as foreigner

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  • jckincy
    Oct 30 7:22 AM
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       Berni, you are equated "telecomms" with the manufacturing of telecommunications equipment where I was using it in the case of CR as the inducstry as a whole, that is providers, suppliers and consultants as well as the manufacturers.  The only manufacturer in Costa Rica that would fall under the broad "telecomm" umbrella to my knowledge would be in that niche would be Panduit located in Grecia.  I worked in the "old school" electrical engineering industry and in the old days, '69 and on used Panduit wiring trays and accessories in control and instrumentation panels which may have been considered "high tech" then.  Just before I retired I had the chance to use their fiber optic products on a project involving transmission of electrical power between numerous platforms in the Persian Gulf.  The electricity was shipped via undersea submarine power cables but we also had to wire our equipment for data communications via submarine fiber optics as well.  I used a number of Panduit products on that project and was quite happy with their performance and quality.

      Having said all that, Panduit's products probably equate to your "telecomms" the same way the manufacturer of the cable and plug on your Maytag washer does.  Not very sexy but very necessary to tie all that stuff together or there is no communications, tele or otherwise.

      We have come a long way from smoke signals and wig-wags but are we communicating anymore effectively?

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