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163220RE: Question before moving?? Telecom Job as foreigner

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  • alajuelanorth
    Oct 29, 2013

      No I jest not . . . someone who says he/she is " a manager in Huawei Technologies" is working for the largest telecom maker in the world.  I presumed he/she was looking for someone that developed, designed, manufactured telecoms like Huawei, CISCO, Ericsson.  Telecoms in CR are essentially resellers of other peoples telecoms.  We are very good at putting up red cell phone towers and Claro putting up ghastly pink dishes on rural houses . . . but I didn't know there was any telecoms industry here per se?  Correct me pls on that?

      I did read some time back we had a major export trade in copper - I;ve been looking for that data ever since?


      ---In costaricaliving@yahoogroups.com, <jckincy@...> wrote:

      Berni, you must be jesting as there are 119 telecoms in Costa Rica.  At least as of 19/9/2013 if one is to believe SUTEL (the regulator of telcomms).

      Of course since Number one on the list is:
      AMNET CABLE COSTA RICA S.A. (TIGO), I am sure many will question the sanity of all this.

      This list does not include the wireless telecomm providers, Kolbi, Claro and Movistar. 

      Oh, let us not forget the internet cafes.  I am sure they are "telecomms" also. Well, sort of maybe.
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