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162982RE: Re: Yankee Invasion

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  • hippieforever3
    Oct 13, 2013

      "I’m in NC and shocked at the “affordable” prices of ACA healthcare."




      You are correct the ACA prices in NC are worse than they could be and moving will help.


      However the solution is not exactly what you thought. Move out of NC to a state that has full embraced the ACA and accepted federal money to start and maintain the system. You might also consider voting against the state politicians that have cost you thousands of $$$ to make a political statement.


      Hope this enlightens you.



      You might also research the process by which CAJA rates are determined before you jump from the frying pan into the fire. Do you really think the President of CR would put up with Alajuela setting their own rates and rules. JaJaJa

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