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  • Jennifer Brady with Getaway
    Oct 12, 2013

      I’m in NC and shocked at the “affordable” prices of ACA healthcare. My husband and I are both self-employed. My husband’s monthly rate more than doubled for 2014 and he still has a high deductible.  I’m still waiting on my notification letter.  Several friends at large companies here in NC have already received notices their company-sponsored plans will be changing drastically – significantly higher monthly premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs before any full coverage begins. I don’t really know what this will do to the middle class that may not have an extra $500+ of disposable income to throw at healthcare.  I imagine the economy will take a hit as well with fewer spending dollars available.  The insurance companies benefit the most in this, the same companies that the politicians rail against.  It’s a big mess! 


      We have been working on our goal to relocate to CR for a couple of years now.  Good medical options was one of our positives for CR.  We know of several local companies here that are starting to offer rider policies that provide health care options for out-of-country care with one of the hospitals in Costa Rica and a clinic in Singapore.  Medical tourism, I expect, will become a boom industry for Costa Rica in the near term.


      Many of our friends and acquaintances are asking us for more details on Costa Rica in the last couple of months – the same ones who laughed at us before.  So I don’t know if that translates into an “influx” but I suspect some folks will move because healthcare will be more readily available and more affordable in Costa Rica.  And if you layer on higher U.S. taxes which seem inevitable at this point, the cost of living in Costa Rica (which I fully understand is relative to what you think you “need”) will still be an attractive option.


      Only time will tell!


      Looking forward to life in the Central Pacific –



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