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  • Anthony Carneiro
    Oct 6, 2013
      Re: "If you are convinced that you must now have a return AIR ticket when entering by bus, tell that to the thousands of others (Nicaraguans, Panamanians, whoever) who are entering with return bus tickets as i write this."
      How does it make sense that a Nicaraguan, standing on the Nicaraguan border, has to buy a plane ticket home?
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      Re: "It almost seems that CR has decided that those on a 90 day perpetual tourist visa are no longer wanted, even though they provide a good deal of money to their country and a majority are property owners. . . . other countries will seem a better choice for a Gringo looking for a country to retire in."
      Costa Rica has decided to do a better job of controlling it's borders.
      They got really serious about it when they discovered a convicted pedophile had been living in Jac√≥ and had remained legal as a "90 day perpetual tourist" (PT) by crossing into Panama; he had registered 25 entries into Costa Rica via the Paso Canoas border.
      I doubt many PT's own property here; I think it's reckless to buy property in any country where one doesn't have a legal right to stay.
      And I don't know any other country that would be a " better choice for a Gringo looking for a country to retire in" while remaining a tourist, except maybe Ecuador (for now).
      Anthony C./Curridabat
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